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21 years of Shaz and Dave

Art-working whizzes Sharon and Dave (joint Head of Production at Pollitt & Partners) celebrated their 21st year of working together this week. After raising a glass of bubbly to toast the ultimate dream-team, we asked them to reveal their secrets.

Dave and Shaz, shall we refer to you as Daz or Shave?

Dave: I prefer Mr Walsh but I have recently been called Mr Sharon!

Sharon: Dave and Sharon is fine, thanks!

Did you know Sharon/ Dave was the (work)-one for you from the moment you met?

Dave: I knew the first time I worked with her that she had the same work ethic and attention to detail that I had. We often ask each other how the other would approach certain aspects of a job and we are 99.9% in agreement each time. I always say “Great minds think alike” but Sharon prefers “Fools seldom differ”

Sharon: No, certainly not! I cried like a baby having to go back the next day! But little did I know that I had just met someone I can call my best friend.

What’s your greatest joint victory?

Dave: Delivering a massive rail bid tender for the Stockholm Metro system working 17 days straight I saw more of Sharon than I did of my real wife

Sharon: Have to agree on this one! Bloody hard work, but we delivered, as always, and we lived to tell the tale (just about!)

Best Christmas party story?

Dave: Putting Sharon into a cab at the end of a Christmas party is like trying to herd geese, she wanders off all over the place. I opened the cab door and placed her in the back I shut the door and turned round to speak to someone else and realised she was next to me again. She had slid across the seat and outs of the other door.

Sharon: Not exactly a Christmas party story but a Christmas Jumper Day! Dave buying the same shirt as Barry (Pollitt & Partner Design Director), bloody hilarious!!

What’s Sharon/ Dave’s most annoying habit?

Dave: I’m really struggling to come up with anything as there is nothing I would change about her. But if I was pressed, she walks really slow so if we have to go anywhere I find myself shuffling along beside her.

Sharon:  I would go along with this up to the bit ‘as there is nothing I would change about him’ EXCEPT his moaning about me walking too slow!

Any wise words or tips on how to keep a work-relationship fresh after 21 years?

Dave: Trust, respect and laughter. Trust that the other person will have your back and respect what they bring to the partnership. She is one of the most caring people I have ever known let alone worked with. We have such funny shared memories of all the places we have worked at and people we have worked with that the last 21 years have gone by so quickly.

Sharon:  Look out for and after each other. Always have their back as they have yours, trust, support, and respect them but most of all laugh because I certainly have over the past 21 years – thank you Mr Walsh!

What does the future hold for Daz/ Shave?

Dave: I give it 2 years tops. It’s all been a sham!

Sharon: Ditto for another 21 years!