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Founded in 1987, we are a brand agency 100% owned by the people who work here. We collaborate with our clients to define, create and activate their brands.

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It’s not just the beautiful brands we create, it’s the insight behind them that pushes our work further, as we weave it through all visual and verbal expressions.

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A day in the life of a design intern

Our latest and fabulous design intern Rebecca Burrows shares her experiences as an intern in the Pollitt & Partners’ design studio. 

Take it away Rebecca…

Interning seems to be a necessary part of getting a job in the design industry. Different studios work very differently, so I see it as a kind of ‘try before you buy’ opportunity that should benefit both interns and employers. Something that’s really stood out about my placement at Pollitt & Partners is the way I’ve been treated like a real, valued member of the team, not just the intern stereotype of coffee maker and errand runner (which is just as well, because, as a non-coffee drinker, I never know how to make the best coffee).

In simple terms, as a ‘design intern’ my job is to assist the design team with anything from idea generation and research, to visualising design concepts and making mockups. I have worked on various projects, of various sizes. This has given a real insight into the way projects are approached in the office, and how diverse the work can be.

I was thrown right into it all from the start: in week 1, I went to a client workshop (usually, as an intern, leaving the office outside of a lunch break means picking up some mount-board from an art shop or selecting some sandwiches for a big meeting). Being trusted enough to be taken to visit a client so soon was scary, but also a great opportunity to learn on the job. The purpose of the workshop was to uncover more in-depth information about the client by asking lots of questions that made them think in a different way, and writing on lots of Post-It notes (I’ve never seen such an array of Post-Its in use, even A1 ones?!). This was then distilled into a brand idea back at the office. Being part of this process was really interesting and something I’d not done before.

Pollitt & Partners do a lot of work for the property industry. I worked on the identity for a new housing development. Although I joined the project mid-way through, I felt able to offer new ideas, developing a potential monogram route for the identity. I have also enjoyed working on some charity projects, such as a social media campaign for a company offering new, more diverse sex education, or a campaign to help save dolphins from captivity. On all of these projects, I was producing work that would actually be shown to the client, so that’s quite exciting.

The focus on conceptual thinking, having really sound roots to any brand idea or piece of work, has made the job more rewarding. It’s always great to discuss ideas with other members of the team, and more importantly my ideas are genuinely listened to and valued. The relaxed vibe in the office and integrated nature of the team makes Pollitt & Partners a fun place to be. In my time here, I have of course worked with the designers, but also members of the client services and strategy teams. Learning from a range of others really helps to get the best out of a project.

After interning for a month at Pollitt & Partners, I am confident that I’d like to work in branding in future. Aside from the obvious perks of the Covent Garden location, after work drinks on a Friday and the use of a sunny London rooftop (weather permitting), it’s clear everyone in the office genuinely cares about the work they do and their colleagues.

Thank you Pollitt & Partners for making me feel so welcome and teaching me a lot about REAL life working in the design industry.

Interested in doing an internship with Pollitt & Partners? Get in touch with hello@pollittandpartners.com for more information on how to apply.