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The Animal Kingdom

An artist who understands and explores the transformative effects of photography, Jim Naughten is much admired. We’ve worked with him for over ten years on a variety of design and advertising campaigns, and are proud to support him in his latest venture.

This project indulges Jim’s lifelong fascination with natural history, and his great love of animals and the animal kingdom — his passion is apparent in the execution. Jim captures the natural world in a way that’s spellbinding, and most of the creatures within the photo series aren’t available for the public to see.

The enchantment of his collection is the visual evolution. Captivating in 2D, Jim has used a technique as old as photography itself to transform the images into 3D. Stereoscopy uses mirrors to alter depth perception and create a 3D illusion, it’s mesmerising.

Jim is using Kickstarter to take these photographs beyond the exhibition space, and publish a unique 3D stereoscopic book. This beautiful piece of work will have an inbuilt stereoscopic viewer with lenses in the cover that will allow the images in the book to be seen in 3D. It will demonstrate the wonder of stereoscopic photography; it’s the transition between dimensions that takes these curious, almost antique specimens and doubly exposes their beauty.

We’re supporting Jim’s project with a specially designed mailer. You can download it here.

Find out more about Jim’s Kickstarter project and fund him here.

Or take a look at his website to see more of his work.