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Brand New Thinking #5

Out there brands
Living it together

We invited leaders to our Covent Garden studio to discuss #BrandNewThinking around #CommunityBuilding.

This week we asked what community is, and how do brands build one? We explored what it means to us today to see what brands can do to shape and grow theirs.

When community is so much more than where we live, we’re now more influenced by it than ever. It’s likely you have a deeper connection with a brand posting on Instagram than it is to know your neighbours.

The power of community is self-evident in sports. Ben Napier, Strategic Partner Lead for Sports & Media Content at Google, explains that brands that understand this achieve major growth. When traditional barriers to conversations have been obliterated by tech, and eSports is taking over the world, the most successful brands must stay involved, without forcing their way in – specifically by using strategic content, and combatting perceived threats through unexpected collaborations.

On the other side, Anna Kear, CEO of Tonic Housing heads up a new opportunity for brands: intentional communities. Planned residential communities for later life are fostering a new sense of belonging and opening up huge possibility for brands and people. This new community celebrates diversity, creativity and changing incomes, whilst recognising some of the key social issues of our time, including social isolation.

Brands that recognise this should look for new ways to encourage, collaborate and connect people to theirs. Thanks to everyone who got involved, asked questions, presented, and to whoever made those amazing sausage rolls.