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Founded in 1987, we are a brand agency 100% owned by the people who work here. We collaborate with our clients to define, create and activate their brands.

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It’s not just the beautiful brands we create, it’s the insight behind them that pushes our work further, as we weave it through all visual and verbal expressions.

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Truprint rebrand

Earlier this year after extensive research and workshopping, we refreshed Truprint’s brand. After 30 years of Truprint we’ve brought Truprint back to their origin with Be True to Life.

Below is an excerpt from the Truprint blog announcing their brand launch:

“We believe, and always have, that the truest representation of yourself is the best representation of yourself. Be true to the original. Be true to life. It’s still our belief, it’s still our philosophy. It’s in our name after all.

In fact, we love it so much we’re starting a movement – #betruetolifeWhy not join us?

Go on be brave. Don’t distance yourself. Bring life closer.

Shun the staged. Mothball the made-up. Unfake. Put yourself in front of life. Put yourself, your real self, in front of the camera. And while you’re there, why not smile wide and say “Truprint”.”